Getting Ready for Moving Day

Getting Ready for Moving Day

Feb 08, 2021

Today we spent most of the day cleaning out the bed of the truck and the storage compartment in our camper. We reorganized everything in a way that is more useful and makes more sense. Yes, we've been full time RVers for six months, but we haven't moved around a lot due to COVID. Prepping for move day is still new to us.

We're not pulling out of our current campground until Friday morning, but we're trying to get as much done ahead of time as possible. Tomorrow we plan to wash Faith (our camper) and run a few errands.

Wednesday we'll do laundry. Daniel is also planning to get his Real ID Wednesday. I can't get mine until the copy of our marriage license arrives. Somehow I've misplaced it. Are we really married? LOL

Thursday we'll go to Dad's and make a final run through his house before we leave. We will then secure as much as we can before Friday morning. We should probably review how to attach our sway bars to the truck.

So much to do! But it's so exciting to be moving if it's only a few hours away in the same state. At least it's new scenery.

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