Episode 0: Introduction

Aug 21, 2022
Oh hello there! Welcome to the introductory episode of Can't I Potter: A Harry Potter and Wizarding World Podcast. Before embarking on this journey, I just wanted to give a heads up on the fact that this is not my first time reading the Harry Potter series. I've read all of these books once, and some, a couple of times, but I never got around to finishing them the second time. This time around I thought that I will make an audio diary describing everything I learned and felt after reading each chapter. As a result, this would be a raw, unfiltered podcast that will have my true emotions since this is my very first podcast. This is the very first time I am putting myself on the internet and speaking because as an introvert this is very difficult. This will be a bimonthly podcast so do subscribe and give a good rating that will help boost my confidence. For reviews and suggestions do mail me at: [email protected] Please do help improve the quality of the podcast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/cantipotter
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