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Upcoming E-Book & Announcing Membership ...

Upcoming E-Book & Announcing Membership Levels

Jul 02, 2021

Hi there! Just a quick update about what I'm working on. I'm writing a 30-day Christian meditation devotional. A lot of my followers/subscribers and people in my Facebook group have told me they want to learn how to meditate on Scripture. So for this e-book I've chosen a topic and 30 passages of Scripture for guided meditations. I'm really excited about this project and can't wait to finish and make it available to you!

Also I wanted to introduce Membership Levels on my Buy Me A Coffee page, if you'd like to support me on a monthly basis! Check out the different rewards for each level - for the $10 and $20 / month levels, I'll give you a copy of my upcoming e-book for FREE when it's finished!

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