Turning the Clocks Back

Nov 11, 2023

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A very happy hello to you all. It's me Callum, your favourite border collie blogger back to bark with you all some more!
My human was telling me about how the clocks had to go back an hour.

I have to admit I was a totally puzzled doggy because why would you humans do something so silly, it makes no sense to this doggy at all.
My human was saying how some humans and kitties and doggies find it hard when the clocks are changed, my doggy heart goes out to them. 

Now being the wise and
sensible doggy that I am I started to think about what should be turned back and here is what I came up with...

Turn anger back to joy
Turn sadness back to happiness
Turn rudeness back to politeness
Turn tears back to laughter
Turn hate back to love
Turn fear back to courage
Turn mistakes back to lessons
And if you need some doggy kisses turn back to me

If everyone did all those can you just imagine how much better our world would be. And in this doggy's opinion they make a heck of a lot more sense than turning the clock back.
I wonder what human came up with that silly idea. Oh and here's one for you store owners out there, turn high prices back to affordable prices because boy oh boy are groceries 
ever getting expensive.

My human wants a turn on the computer so I had better go now. I will be back soon to bark with you some more. As always stay happy and healthy and take good care of yourselves.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie

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