Three Year Anniversary!

Nov 01, 2023

Greetings pawsome readers it's me Callum your favourite Border Collie blogger.
My human was just telling me that today, November 1st., 2023 is my blogs 3rd anniversary. This doggy can't believe he has been blogging for 3 whole years!
I started blogging when I was just 10 months old. I bet I'm the youngest blogger out there! Being the thoughtful doggy that I am I just had to do something to help my human out with her living expenses.

There's a lot less money coming into the house since
my human lost her mom a little over 3 years ago.

I just know in my doggy heart that my grandma, my human's mom is so proud of
me for doing what I can to help my human.

I do wonder though if I have what it takes to become a successful blogger?
Sometimes I feel like a discouraged doggy because I feel
like my blog should be doing better than it is.

My human and I appreciate and are beyond grateful for those who read my blogs but
we need a lot more people reading my blogs.

If anyone out there would like to share my website I would be a very appreciative doggy.

I have to give a huge shout out to my Uncle Dave for taking care of all the behind the scenes stuff to do with my blog.

Without his help no one would see my blogs. My job is just to think about what to write about and to write blogs that are enjoyable to read.
I'm not sure what part my human as in all of this. I must thank her though for letting me use her computer to type my blogs out.

Please wish me luck in becoming a successful doggy blogger. I don't want to make tons of money like some bloggers do.

I just want to make enough money so my human and I and the rest of my family don't have any financial worries. 

This doggy wishes that no one in the world had any financial worries.

Well that's all my barks for now. I will be back to bark with you all soon. Take good care of yourselves and stay happy and healthy always.

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