The Joy of Floor Cleaning.

Jul 08, 2021

Hello and a happy woof woof to all my wonderful readers. It's me Callum your favourite blog writing Border Collie.

First of all I would like to thank my Auntie Susan for the idea for this week's blog. I am going to be barking about something that I really really love.

Any guesses on what it is that I love so much?

If you guessed the vacuum cleaner you are one hundred percent correct!

I know some doggies out there are scared of the vacuum cleaner but they don't need to be.
I wish every doggy loved vacuum cleaners as much as I do. Then they wouldn't be scared of them.
My human thinks I'm a funny boy when she is about to vacuum.

As soon as she says, "Callum I'm going to vacuum" boy do I ever get excited. Maybe a little too excited.
I immediately run over to wear the vacuum cleaner is kept and start doing my happy doggy dance.

Then when my human opens the door to get the vacuum out I get even more excited and jump all over her.
The next step is to pull the vacuum over to the outlet so it can be plugged in. While my human is pulling out the power cord to plug the vacuum in I give it lots of kisses.

Now don't go laughing at me and thinking I'm a silly boy because why wouldn't I give the vacuum cleaner kisses, after all it keeps the floor nice and clean.
You know I was just thinking to my doggy self never once have I seen my human give the vacuum cleaner kisses.

Maybe she doesn't appreciate the vacuum cleaner as much as I do?  Maybe it's because the vacuum cleaner is too loud for her?

I know a lot of autistic people like my human are bothered by loud noises just like a lot of kitties and doggies are bothered by loud noises. I guess that's why my human tries to
get the vacuuming done as fast as possible so she can get it over with. 

My human thinks I get a little to excited when she tells me she's going to vacuum so she decided to trick me and tell me in different ways. Once she just said "I have to clean the floor",
I immediately ran to where the vacuum is kept. Another time she just said, "Callum I'm going to and then she imitated the sound of the vacuum cleaner" And again I immediately ran
to where the vacuum cleaner is kept. Boy oh boy did I ever show my human what a smart doggy I am.

I told my human you can't pull the wool over my doggy eyes or my fur either for
that matter.

One thing my human has learned is to not tell me she is going to vacuum until she is ready to vacuum because if she tells me she's going to vacuum and then makes me wait for a few minutes
boy do I ever become an upset boy. 

That reminds me of how one time my human tried to get me back in the house when I was out in the yard. I was being a bit of a misbehaved boy and not coming in when my human called me.
She tried everything she could think of to get me to come in but I just wouldn't listen. My human thought this calls for desperate measures so she opened the door and called, "Callum I'm going to vacuum."

Boy did I ever run into the house fast and all excited. I ran right to where the vacuum cleaner was kept.

My human wasn't actually planning on vacuuming then but she had to because I wouldn't stop fussing until she did. 

Well that's all my barks for this week. I hope my barks brought a smile to your face. And to all the kitties and doggies out there who are scared of vacuum cleaners my doggy heart goes out to you.
I hope your humans can find away for you to not be scared of the vacuum cleaner because believe me the vacuum cleaner won't hurt you, it just wants to clean your floors so you'll have nice clean floors to play and lay on. 

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the Border Collie

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