Tax Time and Four Legged Family

Mar 29, 2022

Hello wonderful readers I'm a happy doggy to be back to bark with you. As I was sipping on my morning bowl of water I got to thinking that it's almost income tax time.

And that got my doggy mind wondering why can't four legged, feathery and finned kids
be claimed for on their human's income tax?

After all we are family and we are dependent on our humans for everything. 

Governments make a lot of money off of us because vet bills, food, toys, collars, leashes, etc. is all taxed. When you think of all the non-human kids out there that's a whole lot of money that's been made off of us non-human kids.

If you ask this doggy I would say that it's only fair that our humans should be able to claim us on their income tax and not only that they should be given a monthly allowance to help with our expenses.

Maybe if that happened humans wouldn't have to give up their non human kids because they
couldn't afford to look after them.

I have sniffed out the news on my human's computer and I'm always a shocked doggy to read about how governments waste money.

Instead of wasting money why not put it to good use and help non-human kids' humans out. The fact  that they don't do it is discrimination I tell you and no one likes to be discriminated against, not even doggies like me.

Now this really rubs my fur the wrong way and it's probably one of the reasons non-human kids can't be claimed on their human's income tax, and that is because, to governments we are considered 'personal property'. That makes my human furious. Your furniture, your clothes, your car and stuff like that is your personal property.

Notice all those things are non-living objects so why are non-human kids like me put under the same classification?

To consider us four legged, feathery and finned kids as personal property is ridiculous. After all we are living breathing beings who are capable of giving and receiving love.

It's doggies like me who run to the door and get all excited when our humans get home. (Not this doggy personally because I'm always with my human.)

I am one heck of a sure doggy that no one has ever said anything like every time I 
come home the kitchen table is always at the door to greet me and boy do the chairs ever get excited.
I wish there was some well known animal activist out there who could start a pawtition to get us non-human kids recognized as dependents of our humans so they could claim us
on their income tax.

Now, I'm a sure doggy that some people out there will say Callum has gone off his rocker. In my doggy defense no I haven't gone off my rocker.
Just think about it if humans could claim their non-human kids and if they could get a monthly allowance to help out with the expenses maybe no one would have to take their non-human kid to a shelter or give him or her away because they couldn't afford to keep their
non-human kid.

And maybe those who want to add a non-human kid to their family but never could because they couldn't afford to would be  able to afford too.

Of course there would have to be some kind of law limiting the number of non-human kids you could claim. We wouldn't want  people who hoard kitties and doggies to think they could claim all of them on their income tax.

​Other than that I think it would really benefit shelters and
rescues and people who have non-human kids in their family.  

Well that's all I have to bark about for now. I had better go and give my human some attention. Maybe she would like to play with my ball. My human and
I wish everyone a happy spring! It sure doesn't feel like spring where I am though.

(Note to winter...Your turn is over, it's time for spring to have a turn now!)

Until next time stay happy and healthy and take good care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie

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