Hope for Troubled Times

Jun 27, 2021

Hello and woof woof to everyone.
It's me Callum the border collie with some more barks to share with you all. I was relaxing in my den contemplating life and thinking about how hard life as been for everyone these past several months.

It made me a sad boy to think about all the people who lost their jobs or even worse their lives. I felt sad for the animals too as they are also affected by all that's going on.

Anyways I decided I best get out of my den and go find something to get into. I'm a curious boy so I always enjoy snooping around to see what I can find. You'll never guess what I found! I found a poem that my human wrote that fits perfectly with what's going on today. Some of you may have read it already as it has been  posted on face book.

I'm a sure doggy though that lots of you haven't seen it so with my human's permission I posted it below. Me and my human hope it brings everyone some comfort.

The poem is called 'Dear Children of the World'. My human explained to me that Children of the world covers people of all ages and all animals to because in the Creator's eye we are all children of the world.

My human always reminds me to never lose my inner puppy.

As you know my human thinks no one should ignore their inner child. Your inner child needs to come out and play and have fun. 
​Thank them for all the lessons they taught you but most importantly of all make sure to love them and honour them. Never forget how special your inner child is. 

With out further ado here is my human's poem. Me and my human hope you all enjoy it.

Dear Children Of The World

May the love from my heart

take away your pain,

may your tears be washed away

by a summer's gentle rain,

may the wind carry away your fears,

may the sunshine fill your heart

with love and light,

may all your wishes be granted

by the night stars that shine so bright,

and may you know these words are true,

there's no other star that shines more brighter than you



Time for me to go have my lunch so I will say bye for now. I will be back next week to bark with you some more.

Sending puppy kisses and tail wags to you all.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie


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