Choosing My Dog Food

Jul 15, 2021

Hi it's me Callum the border collie I'm back with some more barks for you. I have some exciting news to share with you all. My human can finally  take me for walks.
I was impossible to walk before.  I got overwhelmed by everything I saw and heard. My human tried everything she could think of to get me to behave well enough on my leash to be able to be walked.

What finally did work was something that my human didn't even realize that it 
would help.

You see, I am often an itchy boy so my human decided to change my diet. I'm always trying to eat the leaves off of trees and I love green leafy vegetables so my human decided to try me on a vegan diet. Boy oh boy do I love it.

​My human did her research and found out that Petcurean Gather Endless Valley dog food was the best one for me.

Now some people think doggies aren't suppose to be vegan, but this isn't true. Everyone is entitled to feed their doggies what they think is best for them, . What might be good for one doggy might not be good for another doggy, but if done properly and properly balanced there is no reason that we can't have a vegan diet.   I am darn doggy sure that a  vegan diet is best for me though, because now that I'm on my vegan diet, I am not such an itchy boy. 
​ When my human takes me for a walk now I am better behaved on my leash and I don't get overwhelmed like I use to.
I have to admit I could still use some improvement on my leash walking skills but at least now my human is able to walk me. 

My human still worried though if a vegan diet really was good for me. Her mind was put at ease when she listened to this podcast by a well respected, world-renowned vet,
Dr. Richard Pitcairn. You can listen to the podcast here.
I am such a happy boy that my human can take me for walks now. You see, being autistic she can't go out without me. When I was un-walkable she was stuck in the house
except for going out in the yard.

My human is happy now to that she can take me for walks but one thing that makes me and my human sad is when we see garbage that humans have thrown down on the ground.
Doggies like me would never do that, we have more respect for the world we live in. My human explained to me that some people have no respect for the world or each other.

I've read with my own doggy eyes how some people leave mean comments to complete strangers on face book, they don't care if they hurt someone's feelings at all.
To be honest I'm kind of a disgusted doggy at the way some humans behave. It breaks my doggy heart knowing that there is so much hate and nastiness in the world and lack of respect for people and animals and their property.

​My human even wrote a poem about it awhile back that I will share with you below with her
permission of course.

------------Through The Window of Your World----------
I am an autistic soul looking through the window of your world,

I see too much hate, too much greed, too much sadness,

too much hopelessness, too much despair, too much pain,

I take another look through the window of your world,

this time I see all the beauty your world has, I see the animals, the flowers, the plants and the trees

and then I see how you destroy all the beauty that is around you,

I must close the curtain to the window of your world for my eyes and heart do not like what they see,

My heart will send much love to your world to help your world heal,

And when I look once again through the window of your world,

May I see no more hate, no more greed, no more sadness, no more hopelessness, no more despair, no more pain.

May I see only peace, love, kindness, joy and gladness,

But until then I must close the curtain to the window of your world for my heart and eyes do not like what they see.

Well that's all my barks for now. I'll be back to bark with you soon until then stay happy and healthy.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the Border Collie

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