An Interview With The Big Guy

Feb 17, 2022

Woof woof and a very happy hello to all my wonderful readers. It's me your favourite blog writing border collie Callum. If I have any new readers
I welcome you with open paws. I'm an excited boy to being doing an interview with our creator. I bowed my doggy head and prayed and I had this
conversation with God. 

Callum: Hello Heavenly Father thank you for taking the time to come to me during my prayers so we could have this very important interview.

God: You are very welcome Callum. The world certainly needs my help.

Callum: When you look down upon the world how do you feel?

God: To be honest Callum it makes me feel sad.

Callum: Why is that God? Is it because I still pull on my leash?

God: 'Chuckles' No Callum it's because of all the evil and corruption that's going on.

Callum: Oh you mean the mask wearing, lock downs and the vaccines that haven't been approved by the FDA yet?

God: Exactly Callum.

Callum: It makes me and my human sad too, God.

God: It makes a lot of people sad Callum, especially ones who have lost their jobs and their businesses because of the lock down and the ones who have lost loved ones because of the vaccine and for other reasons as well.

Callum: If you were to a point a finger of blame on someone God who would it be?

God: Great question Callum I'm glad you asked. To be honest I would blame the governments and the media. Never once did I give any government the right to act like they have
   authority over people. And what's with all this mask wearing? I gave all humans a nose and a mouth so they could breathe freely. I didn't create a beautiful face for every human
being just to have it covered with a mask. 

Callum: Anything else God?

God:  Yes, I gave every human and animal an immune system to keep them healthy. I created healthy foods like fruit and veggies and nuts and seeds to keep their immune systems strong.

 Healthy food, sunshine, fresh air and exercise are what all beings need to stay healthy. They certainly don't need all the toxins that are added to vaccines or to cover up their nose and mouth

 with a mask and to be told to stay inside. Like I said previously I never gave governments the right to act like they have authority over people. I created my people to be free, to move around

freely, to be free to spend time with loved ones so it makes me very sad to see governments taking away people's rights and freedoms. 

Callum: What do you suggest people do about it God?

God:  The best thing they can do is to do their research. I gave each individual their own mind to think with. My people should never let their government or the media do their thinking for them.

Callum: Any suggestions on where people can start their research?

God: Yes. They can check out Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Judy Mikovits among other similar sources.

There are many good doctors worldwide speaking out against the pandemic or as the ones who have done their research call it the plandemic.

You know Callum everyone has to think with their own minds and come to their own conclusions about all this  after they've done their research.

Sure it's easier to believe whatever your government and TV tells you but easier doesn't mean better. 

Callum: Is there anything else you would like to see people do in regards to what's going on in this world now?

God: Another great question Callum. Yes, I would like to see more people stand up and fight for their rights and freedoms, the rights and freedoms they were born with.

Callum: Thank you God for blessing me with this interview. 

God: You're very welcome Callum it was my pleasure. I have to rush off now I have so many prayers to answer and so many tears to wipe off the faces of those who have lost loved ones and off the faces of  others who are also suffering because of all that's going on in the world at this time. Bless you Callum and bless all your readers too.

Callum: Thank you God, thank you for everything. 'wipes a tear from doggy eye'

Wasn't that a great interview that God did with me. I hope all my readers enjoyed it. Time for me to go have a nap now. I'll be back to bark with you all soon. Until then take good care of yourselves and stay happy and


Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the Border Collie

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