A new hobby for Callum: Darts or Origami ...

A new hobby for Callum: Darts or Origami?

Apr 19, 2021


Hi it's me Callum your favourite blog writing border collie back to share some barks with my dear readers.

I was thinking to my doggy self that I need to try a new activity.
I like playing fetch and chase and tug war but I need something more challenging.

My Uncle Dave is an avid dart player, so I thought maybe I should become a dart player.
After all, I am good at concentrating and focusing, so that should make me a good dart player right? 

So off I went to search the world wide web to learn about darts.

 A carpenter named Brian Gamlin invented modern darts way way back in 1896 in Lancashire. I was a surprised boy to find out the history of darts goes back even further than that.

In the first two decades of the 14th century darts became a military pastime, originating in England.

​ My doggy mind found that very interesting but
now I needed to do research on how to play the game to see if it was right for me. This it what I learned; two or more players throw darts at a dart board and score points by hitting
specific marked areas of the dart board.  

Now I'm wondering if trying my paw at darts isn't such a good idea.

First of all you have to throw sharp pointy things and I'm not allowed to play with sharp pointy things.

Second of all you are not allowed to chew on the dart board. And lastly sometimes you have to hit a bullseye. There is no darn doggy way I'm going to hit a bull in the eye.

Bulls are way bigger than I am!!

So now I had to think of another activity.

My Auntie Rebecca is amazing at origami so I thought maybe I would try my paw at that.

Off to the world wide web I went again to do some more learning.

Here's what I learned; origami was first called orikata (folded shapes). It became known as origami in 1880. Wow that's a long time ago.

Now I need to learn how to do origami.

​ It's all about folding paper to make neat shapes. I asked my human for a piece of paper so I could try my paw at origami.

Well, as you can imagine I ran into a bit of a problem. I had a piece of paper in
front of me ready to fold and I had origami instructions to follow but what I don't have is thumbs and thumbs are very important if you want to fold paper.

And sadly chewing on the paper isn't allowed in origami, if it was I would be very good at it.

I guess I'll have to stick to playing fetch, chase and tug of war for now until I find a new activity that's more suitable for doggies like myself.

Time for me to go and relax now. Before I go though I would like to thank all my subscribers for subscribing and if you haven't subscribed yet please do so you can hear about what interesting
things I will be barking about next.

Until next time, take care care and I will bark with you all soon.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the border collie

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