A Chat With Mr. Tree.

Mar 14, 2022

Hi, it's me Callum your favourite blog writing border collie back with some more barks for my dear readers.

The idea for this blog came to me on one of my walks with my human. I was walking along sniffing here and sniffing there.

I stopped to sniff a tree, and the tree and I started talking (in my case barking) and yes doggies like me can communicate with trees.

We are very connected to all of nature.

I decided to ask the tree if he would like to be interviewed for my blog.

The tree explained how he had never done an interview before but he was willing to branch out and try something new.

Here is my interview with Mr. Tree. Mr. Tree and I hope you all enjoy it:

Callum: Hello Mr. Tree thank you for agreeing to do this interview, please sit down and make yourself comfortable.

Mr. Tree: You're very welcome Callum and if you don't mind I prefer to stand. 

Callum: No problem at all. Now on with my first question. Can you tell my readers what your favourite things to do are?

Mr. Tree: I love providing a place for birds and little critters to call home. And it makes me such a happy tree when I can provide shade for those who need it on a hot sunny day.
Oh and I mustn't forget I love to keep the air clean and provide oxygen that you dogs and other animals and humans need to breathe.

Callum: You provide oxygen? How are you able to do that?

Mr. Tree: So glad you asked Callum. Through photosynthesis I take in carbon dioxide and release it as oxygen.

Callum: Wow that is so cool. You must be very proud to have such an important job in this world.

Mr. Tree: Indeed I am Callum indeed I am.

Callum: Is there anything that makes you sad about being a tree.

Mr. Tree: Another great question Callum. Well it makes me sad when humans don't respect us or think nothing of cutting us down. You have no idea the fear  we feel when a human with a chainsaw is coming towards us and we can't move.

Oh and I mustn't forget forest fires. A forest fire is a tree's worst nightmare.

 That's why humans should be very careful and not start any fires in the woods or forests.

Callum: I hope none of those things happen too often Mr. Tree, or better yet not at all.

Okay this is rather embarrassing but I have to ask. What about when doggies like me like to piddle on you?

Does that bother you at all?

Mr. Tree: Oh no not all Callum. It kind of tickles our trunks. We always enjoy being in the company of doggies like yourself Callum.           
We may not show it but when we see a doggy  coming towards us we get all excited.

​ If we could jump up and down we would.

Callum: Good to see you have a good sense of humour Mr. Tree. Okay now for my final question. Do you have any good tree advice that you would like to share with my readers?


Mr. Tree: Yes Callum. My advice would be never forget your roots, always stand tall and proud and never be afraid to turn over a new leaf. And if you've barked up the wrong tree never be afraid to admit you made a mistake.

Callum: You trees sure are wise. Thank you for your time Mr. Tree. It was a pleasure to get to know you a little better.

Mr. Tree: The pleasure was all mine Callum. 

Callum: Well I had better let you go Mr. Tree I am sure you have important tree things to do.

Wasn't that a great interview I had with Mr. Tree. I have a new found respect for my tree friends now. Now I can see why my human loves trees so much

Time for me to go have a nap. I'll be back to bark with you all soon. Until then stay happy and healthy and don't forget to spend time being around our  wonderful tree friends.

Your handsome blog writing friend,
Callum the Border Collie


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