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Office for the day

Office for the day

Apr 28, 2021

Well gotta say thanks to Tesco’s for the use of their car park so I can crack on with writing the website for my new media company that will over see the monetisation of myself. Laid Bare Media.

Now I have no intention of monetising Calamity Shane other than this members club and buy me a coffee but I do have to have an income so the Laid Bare Media will hopefully pay off in the long run. I’ve already secured a a regular monthly column in a brand new Vanlife digital magazine that’s coming out next month but that won’t pay until they can secure paid advertisements within. I’ve also secured a fortnightly blog for Camptoo which does pay 👌

When I’ve had enough of shouting at this fucking computer because the “left click” doesn’t work and the screen keeps falling back as it fell off the top shelf under braking, I’ll get to work on some marvellous content for the members area.

But for now rest in the knowledge that the only person to see this insider view is the members site 😉

Peace out, big love as always!

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