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5 Things I learned This Weekend

5 Things I learned This Weekend

Apr 26, 2021

1: kids will always have more energy than you

2: kids will be bored no matter what activities you find for them to do

3: kids aren’t actually interested in eating the marshmallows, they just wanna make fire

4: kids will eat the chicken from a BBQ that they refuse to eat from a cooker

5: kids cry when you don’t let them win in a bike race around the campsite

Living full time in a van has its bonuses as you don’t need to pack up for a micro adventure. Just pick the kids up from school and go straight to the campsite! I relish my fortnightly weekend with my boys, no matter how stressed I get or how fighty they are. On the surface they appear ungrateful and always wanting more but the glint in their eyes and the cool smile on their lips when they are playing says the truth. They make me melt every time ♥️




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