Collective Energy Update (week of May 2, ...

Collective Energy Update (week of May 2, 2022)

May 02, 2022

There are feelings of anxiety coming through, especially in terms of what we have vs what we want/desire and what we're actively working toward.

This might be experienced as feeling constraints with regard to money (either because this is the reality, or because it's a reflection of your relationship with money).

There could also be some anxious feelings because your desires haven't come to fruition (yet). This can lead to questions of WHEN they'll show up and WHY they aren't here yet.

Tying this back into money, we might be asking why we're not where we want to be financially yet.

Trust and patience are the words of the week.

This in-between time is a great time to pause and reflect and practice gratitude for what we have right now.

The present moment is literally all we have at any given point, so FULLY appreciating the present moment is how we can tap more deeply into gratitude.

➡️ "I choose to experience abundance. I'm DECIDING to experience the abundance around me in the present."

How is this feeling for you? Reply and let me know!

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