Collective Energy Update (week of May 16 ...

Collective Energy Update (week of May 16, 2022)

May 16, 2022

Wheew, the last couple of weeks may have felt very intense for you! Lots of subconscious stuff coming up and feeling through emotions.

This week feels "lighter." This is NOT to say we're not still processing and experiencing emotions, doubts, fears, etc. - it's just not so visceral and less all-encompassing.

There's an image of a really foggy street scene. You have no idea where you are or even what direction you're walking in, but you can see a faint light through the thick of it all, and you can tell the fog is starting to lift.

While this time might feel challenging, remember that everything that comes up can be a teacher. If this time has been emotionally intense for you, how do you understand your feelings more?

Perhaps you're being guided in a new direction, or being introduced to aspects of yourself that are ready to shine.

Clarity is coming. And when it comes, I hope you feel at peace with whatever it is.

How have the last couple of weeks been for you? Reply and let me know how things are going!

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