Collective Energy Update (week of April ...

Collective Energy Update (week of April 25, 2022)

Apr 26, 2022

I just started sharing weekly collective energy updates with my email subscribers, and I thought it would be great to share it here, too. These will be public for now, but will eventually be available only to supporters and members.

But first...

Standard disclaimer:
This is a collective reading and may or may not resonate with you. Take it or leave it. If it doesn't apply to your life or your circumstances, that's totally fine. It will be up to you to discern whether it's for you or not. Don't try to make it for you if it's not. Like anything, it's just information. And psychic information, regardless of how it comes through, is not a magic cure-all. It can be a great guide, but like I said, it may or may not apply to every person or situation.

This week's energy update:
This week there seems to be feelings of disconnect - from emotions, ourselves, in our relationships, and from our own spiritual connection and connection.

It might feel chaotic or turbulent, but remember that you have the power to set your own standards and boundaries. You have the power - and the free will - to walk away from situations, people, things, relationships, habits, and beliefs that aren't serving you.

Now is a great time to recommit and reconnect to your SELF. Take time and space just for you, fill your own cup, and reflect on what you need and want.

It's time for a new beginning or fresh perspective.

I'd love to hear how this is sitting with you. Reply and let me know!

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