May 19, 2022


Forget the Past, Break Free

To embrace and enjoy the new,  you have to forget the misfortunes and the disappointments of the past, because when one focuses on the negative past, the difficult past and the unpleasant past, he or she may get more negative things, more difficult things and more unpleasant things in the future.

Playing back the past, for the purpose of learning from previous mistakes is okay, but don’t dwell on them for so long.


Break free from the unwanted, Break free from the limitations, and step into a new world of possibilities.

Break free from inherited patterns, Break free from cultural and societal dictates,

Break free from negative repetitions and cycles, Break free from darkness,

Break free from whatever kept you bound,  for your  future starts now.


You have been set free by The Lord Jesus Christ already but it is your responsibility to Stand up and walk out from whatever used to keep you bound. It starts from your mind.

Walk out of whatever you have been set free from, To walk out is your responsibility.

Let go, of  the unpleasant past, Begin to set new goals for your beautiful future.

Intentionally set your mind only on the beautiful things that you want.

Know, that no matter how beautiful the past was, your future is always more beautiful because you are a child of God.

Think New and Beautiful thoughts,

Expect The New, Expect The more Beautiful.


Forgive anyone that hurt or offended you in the past,

Love God, Love yourself and Love people.

Be happy and Have Faith,

Trust God,  Trust His words and take steps,

Your future is so bright and so beautiful and The beautiful life is yours, live it and enjoy it.




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