Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife is Upon ...

Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife is Upon Us~

Jun 21, 2022

Guys This season seems full of foolery. I will soooo miss the Winders family. It seems they left #seekingsisterwife because the show did not fit their beliefs .

Which I can totally understand, it seems more like "SEEKING THREESOMES" Than Seeking another wife. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


We have Nick Davis and his two wives that are "breadwinners" . Then we have taken the internet by storm. He stays at home and get's to be a "Thinker" and date while his two wives work. Oh and they all share the same bed.


Marcus "Cheating in the Next Room" Epps. He has a beautiful family but it just seems that he is getting to have his cake and eat it to. Let me explain: Marcus told us about how when he was visiting a girl he was "dating" He looked over and saw a picture of his now wife Taryn... And he let everyone knows on national television .. That he took her virginity. ummm ok. So he is found cheating with multiple women, and his wife Taryn decides to leave. Instead of Marcus staying home crying and trying to get his family back... what is he out there doing? Dating... where he then finds his now fiancรฉ' India. He is now, looking for a third... And we just found out he had secretly 10 kids.. (that the Discovery Network did not want him to talk about) all over the world.


The Merrifields are back.. they have a third potential wife LEA, even though. They have not gotten Bert over to the U.S. ! You guys we have to get back to this one.

The Jones' are back Tosha and Sidian. I am looking forward to seeing more of Tosha's mom this season. She speaks her mind and tells her daughter exactly how she feels. Also remember Sidian's oldest? Well they have decided to live their life, and now Lilly goes by Liam now with HE/HIM pronouns. Tosha and Sidian are still seeking a third. However their priority was relocating their family to a supportive culture for Liam. And I am totally with that! Looking forward to seeing more of the Jones' this season.

๐Ÿ’– Finally we have the Foley's : Steven and Brenda. They were sort of in the same arrangement as the Jones' in my opinion. Brenda came into the relationship with an already married Steven. And the first wife left the scene as far as we know. Now the Foleys are dating April. Let's see how that goes. Oh By the way.. It seems that Steve stopped by our YouTube channel to let us know what he could ... allegedly

Until next time. I appreciate your support.

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