100 subscribers ❤️ Thank you very much!

100 subscribers ❤️ Thank you very much!

Jun 24, 2022

BunFun has reached 100 subscribers on Youtube! A BIG thank you to everyone who has watched and subscribed to the channel.

Two months ago when I uploaded my first video, I had no idea whether my videos will even get any views. 100 subscribers seems like a small number in the gigantic world of YouTube, but for me it is a major milestone. I feel a lot more motivated about this venture and it makes me think more deeply about what I'm offering to you, my viewers.

BunFun was created to promote Cantonese and in the desperate hopes to get my son interested in the language. While there are great Cantonese learning contents out there, my son, now at the bossy age of 3, is very particular in what he likes to watch 😅 . I therefore plan my content around his interests - he even contributed to the idea of the animal race cars video - and what other children like watching thanks to the feedbacks from friends who are also raising small children overseas. I also try adding a touch of humour here and there to keep children engaged (the ball-falling-into-toilet moment is totally a fan service for my son...). It seems to be working...?

But it's not just about giving them what they want (sounds like a mom talking now lol). I appreciate schools and educators that develop integrated lessons that help small children make connections across different subject matters. Therefore in each video I try to link a concept (like seasons, nature, travel, family etc) to a subject or skill (counting, colours, shapes, logic). I hope that over time when more videos are created I will be able to put some of these together and form my own integrated lessons.

Another thing that I hope to achieve is to create a "conversation starter" for children and parents/guardians. Each video is designed to have some interactive elements to keep children engaged, but also to allow grown-ups to be active in the children's learning while watching the video together. Also if you notice, at the end of the videos children are always encouraged to do something or talk about something. It's my wish that grown-ups could use those moments to extend the interaction and learning beyond screen time.

The children's interest, integrated learning and interactivity are at the heart of each video. I'm not a professional educator nor animator, but a mother who knows a little bit of video-making, and has intense interest in nurturing children's potential. The main goal of my videos is to get children interested in learning Cantonese, but I want them to be more than just series of flashcards.

I'm also thinking of other ways to create more values for you. For example, I am adding two sets of captions, in Cantonese and Traditional Chinese to all videos. Please feel free to share your ideas about what would be useful in the comments below.

I create everything for the channel myself and still spending most of my days taking care of a young child. Capacity is limited but I'm quite determined to offer you the most that I can. If you like my contents please subscribe and share the channel to other parents out there who may find the videos useful.

Lastly, please follow me here and if I may ask, consider supporting me financially by "Buying Me a Coffee". That will make me a very happy person. ☕ 😁

Thank you again for visiting my channel and reading this blog. 我哋下次見,bye-bye。


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