(A couple of days after the last install ...

(A couple of days after the last installment in this series, “Five Rounds”)

Oct 25, 2021

A couple of days after the last installment in this series, “Five Rounds”

Love Conversation Jungkook With Lisa

Lisa: What are you doing?

Jungkook: Rubbin’

What are you doing now?

Lisa: Wishing I was getting rubbed.

Jungkook: Mmmm, what would you like rubbed?

Lisa: Everything! What would you like to rub?

Jungkook: Nipples first.

Lisa: Mmmm, yes! They are definitely ready for attention, rubbing, sucking…

Jungkook: Ok.

Lisa: Mmmm, sending tingles all through me!

Jungkook: Those sweet little nubs of fun. Rubbing one, nibbling the otLisa.

Lisa: Oooh, yes!

What would you have in your basement sex dungeon if you had one?

Jungkook: A red room with a table to lock you down on.

Lisa: Mmm, well, that made my nipples stand up hard!

Jungkook: Shackles around the wrists and ankles.

Maybe a lot of featLisas first.

Lisa: That sounds fantastic!

Jungkook: Maybe next some nipple clamps

with a sexy chain between them.

Lisa: Yes! They’re ready for them!

Jungkook: The chain goes to the clit clamp.

Lisa: Mmmm.

Jungkook: Flicking that clit.

Lisa: Aaah! Exquisite torture!

Jungkook: Pulling on the chain.

Lisa: That feels so good!

I’m frustrated, wanting to touch you, but the restraints won’t let me.

Jungkook: Tugging all 3 of them up.

Lisa: OMG! So 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I arch my back!

Jungkook: Your nipples are rock hard and that clit is swollen.

Lisa: Yes they are! Can I just lick the top of your cock, please?!?

Jungkook: I tease you with a big cucumber.

Lisa: Just a little taste?

Jungkook: I let you just have the tip of my cock in your mouth.

Lisa: Oh, thank you! It tastes and feels wonderful!

What are you doing with that cucumber?

Jungkook: Sliding the cucumber across that soaked cunt while you suck on the tip 👄

Lisa: I arch my back trying to get more.

Jungkook: Care to get fucked while you suck.

Lisa: Yes!

Jungkook: I tighten the clamps down.

Lisa: Oh, shit, it hurts so good!

Jungkook: I jam my whole cock in your mouth.

Lisa: I eagerly suck it! Rolling my tongue around, teasing just under the head with it

My head’s tilted back. I love deep throating it.

That cucumber is quite large!

Jungkook: Take that now!

Lisa: It stretches my cunt and I feel so full!

Jungkook: Suck this cock now while I stretch your pussy.

Lisa: Sucking, squeezing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

Eagerly waiting for that first taste!!

Lightly running my teeth over it. That stretching feels so good!

Wishing I could squeeze your balls while I’m sucking you!

Jungkook: I take the shackles from your ankles and tie them high over your body

so your legs are straight up in the air and spread wide.

Lisa: Fuck! What a thought!!

I’m yours! Do what you want!!!

Jungkook: I firmly pull out the cucumber and then cup my hand and spank your pussy.

Lisa: Oooooh!

Jungkook: Flicking that clit clamp at the same time.

Lisa: I give a little scream.

Jungkook: Then I bend over and jam my tongue into that soaked cunt.

Lisa: It twitches and clamps down on your 👅

Jungkook: Yes, your juices are flowing.

Lisa: While you’re tLisae, don’t forget that my asshole might like a little attention.

Jungkook: Down through your ass crack.

Lisa: I’m working that cock, but keeping it just below explosion level.

I try to get my tongue on those wonderful, full balls and just barely succeed.

Jungkook: I stick my thumb in your mouth to lube it and slide it into your ass.

Lisa: Oh! So much going on, and I feel so good!!

Jungkook: Then, while I’m fucking your tight ass with my thumb,

I slide that cucumber back in.

Lisa: I’m moaning and squirming.

Jungkook: I pull out my thumb and put my cock head at your ass.

I push.

Lisa: Yes! Oh, my god, it’s been so long. Give it to me!

Jungkook: The cucumber feels amazing as it is stretching your pussy while I’m clamped into your ass.

Lisa: Mmm fuck!!!!!

Jungkook: Stretching both your holes. That ass is so tight.

Lisa: I’m moaning, screaming.

Jungkook: You try pulling up with your strapped legs.

Lisa: It all feels so good! Indescribable!

I’m out of control! Cunt starting to contract and pulse.

Jungkook: I suck on your tits, letting the clamps off.

Lisa: Bringing anotLisa kind of pain as the blood rushes back in.

My asshole clamps down on that hard cock!

NeitLisa one of us will last long now!

I suck in a breath and hold it.

My orgasm builds…

And builds…

Until with a long, drawn-out scream, I cum, with great shaking spasms that go on and on.

Then, it suddenly takes on a new dimension, and I ride it to a higLisa level, almost an out-of-body experience.

I’ve only experienced that a few times and it’s hard to describe!

Everything is shaking and convulsing as you pound me.

With that, you can’t hold back any longer, and you fill my ass with your hot cum!

We collapse, exhausted, satiated, and just basking in the glow that comes with having taken each otLisa to complete ecstasy.

Jungkook: The balls are smooooth.

Lisa: Mmmm, the better to suck on them. I like it when you shave me.

Jungkook: Yep, bowl of water, coconut oil, razor, cloth, then tongue.

Lisa: Mmhmmm.

Jungkook: Fresh bald pussy is the best.

Lisa: I’ve got to do my legs, then the pussy.

Jungkook: Mmmm, yes, please.

I’m expecting a picture.

Lisa: I’ll see what I can do…

Okay, that was a workout, but I got it.

Just don’t look too closely, I missed a few.

Jungkook: That’s why I like to do it. Better angle to see things.

Lisa: Definitely, and besides, it feels good.

Jungkook: Oh that looks delicious!

I could eat that for hours

Lisa: Mmmmm.

Jungkook: Look at that bald cunt🥵🥵🥵🥵👅👅👅👅👅👅👄👄

Lisa: Aahhh! Feels so good.

Jungkook: Mmmm, I bet.


Lisa: How is the taste?

Jungkook: Mmmmm, very nice.

Lisa: Oh, I love a wet tongue on that smooth pussy!

How about a good kiss so I get a taste?

Mmm, I was just looking at the first pic you sent.

Jungkook: Oh. really? and?

Lisa: It looks just as good as it did the first time I saw it. Very lickable, suckable, and fuckable!

Jungkook: (sends awesome pic) Anything like this?

Lisa: As a matter of fact, yes, but this one’s better with those nice smooth balls showing, too.

Jungkook: Your tongue feels amazing on them.

Lisa: And they feel amazing on it!

Jungkook: Mmmm, suck them.

Lisa: (sent at the same time) I love to suck them in.

Great minds think alike, I was already typing that.

I’ll give them a good going-over, sucking and tonguing them.

Jungkook: Mmmm fuck yes!!!! I have to work on that neck of yours.

Lisa: Oh, my gosh, yes, please! That feels so good!

Jungkook: Sucking and licking right behind your ear.

Lisa: Me, melting…

Jungkook: Pinching your nipples while your neck is all mine.

Lisa: 🔥🔥🔥 so sexy!

Jungkook: Your neck has been marked!!! Now I’m going to suck on those hard nipples.

My hands are roaming, caressing your chest, playing with your nipples, stroking on down…

Up and down, but not quite as low as you want, not just yet. Gotta keep you wanting.

Lisa: Nipples are standing straight up enjoying that attention.

Jungkook: I’m into sucking them ….. HARD!!

Lisa: I moan, it feels so good! Just the right mix of pleasure and pain!!

I can’t help myself, I get louder!

Jungkook: My hand heading south.

Lisa: Oh! The anticipation!

Jungkook: Slides right into that hot cunt.

Lisa: Mmmmm! So fucking good!!

Jungkook: Fingering your G-spot.

Lisa: I give a little yell.

My hands are stroking you, up and down your cock, squeezing your balls, stroking again.

That hard cock feels so good in my hands.

Jungkook: Sliding my second and third finger into that super tight hole.

Lisa: That feels so good! My pussy stretches and I feel the pressure.

Jungkook: I start moving them in more quickly and find your neck again.

I pull my fingers out and stick them in your hot mouth.

Lisa: I suck them, enjoying the taste of my pussy on them. 👅

Jungkook: While you are sucking on my fingers, I slide my cock in all the way up to my balls.

Lisa: My pussy clamps down on it, enjoying the feeling of being full of you!

Jungkook: Your tight fuck hole is so wet and hot.

Lisa: I moan and squirm, enjoying it all so much and getting louder as I go.

Jungkook: Moan for my cock now!!!! Or I’m going to take it away from you.

Lisa: Oooooh mmmm, don’t take it away!

I need you in tLisae! Aaaaah!

Jungkook: Alright then get ready for a fuckin’!!!!

Lisa: My clit is so hard! Fuck me!!

I’m going to scream so loud!! I love that cock!! It feels incredible!

I’m playing with my clit while you’re fucking me!

That makes my pussy even tighter!

Jungkook: Stroke that clit, and you are going to cum all over my shaft.

Lisa: Oh, yes, I am!

Jungkook: Oh, that pussy of yours is driving me nuts.

Lisa: Well, you’re driving it nuts, too! It’s so tight!!

Jungkook: Mmm, take my cock! I’m gonna cum!!!!

Lisa: Give it all to me! (Sends pic)

Lots of rapid, heavy breathing over Lisae!

Jungkook: Mmmm, fuck, yes. Those tits are hot!!!! I want to cum all over them.

Lisa: WLisaever you want!

Jungkook: Baby, get ready. I’m going to coat those beauties.

Lisa: Oh! Baby, yes!!

Jungkook: You take your fingers and lick off my juices, and I lick the cum off your otLisa nipple.

Lisa: Yum! I’m cumming!!

You taste so good!!

Jungkook: Good! I’m gonna taste your cum right from its source!!!!

Lisa: Mmmm! You are going to make me cum again doing that!

Jungkook: I’m licking that clit hard and flicking it. Cum on my face!

Lisa: Damn! 🔥🔥🔥

Jungkook: When I’m done with that, I’m going to push you over and fuck you hard,

Lisa: Fuuuuuck!

Jungkook: Your cunt is so hot and wet, I slip right in and slap your ass.

Lisa: Baby, you are on 🔥 tonight!

Jungkook: Oh, damn, I’m gonna fuck that ass.

Lisa: Yes!

Jungkook: Oh, you are gonna be getting it hard. Sliding my finger in tLisae to stretch it out.

Lisa: That feels good!!

Jungkook: Mmmmm, fuck, I’m gonna hit that ass.

Lisa: Do it! Fuck me!

Jungkook: (Sends pic) This is sliding in your ass right now.

Lisa: Ooooooh, aaaaaah!

Jungkook: I push it all the way in.

Lisa: Mmmmmh, I tighten up my ass.

Jungkook: I reach around and grab a vibe to hit that clit again.

I’m losing it!!!!!

Fucking that tight ass hole.

Slapping those cheeks.

Lisa: That pushes me over the edge to anotLisa orgasm!

Jungkook: Mmmm, fuck, you’re right as FUCK!!!!!!! Clench that fucking cock of mine.

Lisa: Yes! Baby, you feel so Good!!

Jungkook: Pinch that motLisa fucker off!!!!!

Lisa: I’m so tight!

Jungkook: Clamp it hard!!!!! Mmmmm, fuck yes!!!!

Let me vibe that nasty clit of yours!!!!!

Lisa: You know wLisae it is!


Jungkook: The vibe is on high, and your pussy is just leaking and oozing while I’m pounding the fuck out of your ass!!!!!

I’m pulsating inside that ass. I’m cumming!!!!

Lisa: Yesssss! Hot cum, I feel it!

Jungkook: The bed is soaked with your oozing juices.

Lisa: Mingled with yours.

Jungkook: My cum is in your ass.

Lisa: Mmmm, fuck! I am feeling SOOO good!

Jungkook: How many times did you cum?

Lisa: 2

Jungkook: Good I’m stroking fast now.

Lisa: I may get anotLisa one still.

Jungkook: Get it !!!! Now hit that clit for me.

Lisa: I am! Did you cum yet?

Jungkook: Working my cock.

Lisa: Mmmm, I wish I could help with that.

Jungkook: I’ve cleaned it off and I’m gonna jam it into that pussy one more time.

Lisa: Hmmmm!

Jungkook: Those tits are mine.

Lisa: Mmmmmmm.

Jungkook: Guess what.

Lisa: What? You came?

Jungkook: Mmmmm, I am done!

Lisa: That.was.awesome!

Jungkook: Mmmm, good! Good night.

Lisa: Good night 🥰

(The next morning)

Lisa: Good morning, did you get some good sleep?

Jungkook: Yes I did. And you?

Lisa: Yes, I did. I fell asleep quickly and slept well! Still feeling good this morning.

I’m going to need a nap after my late-night activities.

Jungkook: Lol, what late-night activities??

Lisa: Like you don’t know!!🔥🔥🔥🍆🔥

Jungkook: Whaaaaaaat? Who me?

Lisa: Oh, yeah!

Jungkook: What did I do? Hehe

Lisa: More like what didn’t you do?

Jungkook: Lol that was fun for sure.

Lisa: Yes, it was, and I’m still feeling good from it!

Jungkook: Wow!!!😁😊😀

Lisa: I need a nap!

Jungkook: What kind of nap?

Lisa: Well, an actual one and maybe some fun. 😆😆

(Later he sends pic of a cucumber)

Lisa: You’re not looking at that quite the same way you used to, are you?

I’m over Lisae giggling.

Jungkook: What are you giggling for? Nope, I’m wondering wLisae I could stuff it!

Lisa: Giggling ’cause I knew exactly what you were thinking. Did you figure out a place to stuff it?

Jungkook: A couple of places, lol! So how was your nap? Did you get any sleep?

Lisa: I fell asleep for about an hour.

Jungkook: That’s good!!

(A discussion of jalapeno poppers followed and then this)

Jungkook: But I’ve heard you like hot pecker.

Lisa: Why, I have no idea what you are talking about! 😉

Jungkook: Lol, really.

Lisa: That was in my best Scarlett O’Hara voice.

Jungkook: Lol! So a stuffed pecker with cheese.

Lisa: Oh, my gosh, you only have one thing on your mind, don’t you? That cucumber really got to you!

Jungkook: Sorry.

Lisa: Nothing to be sorry about. 😂

Just don’t slip and call them that in front of anyone else!

Jungkook: Lol

(Later, she sends Jungkook a pic)

Jungkook: Mmmm, that’s hot 🥵🔥 I haven’t frosted the tits in a long time. That is making me feel good.

Lisa: Mmmm, I’m playing with that clit, now.

Jungkook: I’m stroking my wood right now.

Lisa: Ooh.

Jungkook: It’s angry.

Lisa: Why is that?

(He sends pic)

Lisa: Oooh! That needs some attention for sure!

Jungkook: Yes he does.

Lisa: What does he want?

Jungkook: Mmmm, sucked.

Lisa: Mmmm, sure thing! 🍆👄 Gladly.

Oooh! Feels so good filling my mouth, sliding in and out.

Jungkook: Mmm, your mouth is so hot and wet.

Lisa: Mmmhmm.

Jungkook: It feels so good.

Lisa: Hard to talk with my mouth full.

Jungkook: Warm and wet.

Lisa: So, I’ll be over Lisae moaning. Working my tongue all around your big hard cock.

Jungkook: I’ll finger that clit while you are sucking me. Strumming it.

Pre cum is flowing.

Lisa: Making it sing.

Tastes so good!!👅👅

Jungkook: Your clit is so swollen.

Lisa: Mmhmm.

Jungkook: I love the way you are sucking me. That tongue is amazing.

Lisa: 🔥🔥🔥

Jungkook: I’ve gotta take a lick and suck that clit.

Lisa: Oh, damn! That feels so good!

Making me shudder.

Jungkook: 👅👅👅👅👄👄💦

That clit is so tasty.

Lisa: I wish I knew how to type some of the noises I make.

Jungkook: Lol, yes.

I grab a dildo and slide it in while I’m still licking that hardened nub.

Lisa: Yes!!

Jungkook: You are cocked at both ends, moaning around my shaft as the dildo and tongue work your cunt over.

Lisa: Aaaaaah!

Jungkook: Mmmmmmm, fuck yes!!!!🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦💦

Mmm, thank you. How are you doing?

Lisa: Ok, just playing with my clit.

Jungkook: Still stroking it?

Did you cum?

Lisa: Not yet.

Jungkook: Let me nibble on it some.

Lisa: Please!

Jungkook: My goatee will feel good on your baldness.

Lisa: Mmm.

Jungkook: Taking long licks.

Lisa: OMG, that is so 🔥🔥🔥

Jungkook: I turn the dildo on while I’m sucking the juices from your love hole.

Lisa: Right tLisae on the tip of it! Feels awesome.

Jungkook: Licking the tip right now.

Lisa: Ho ha aah! I’m getting closer.

Jungkook: Cum on my face now. I want to clean it up.

Lisa: Fuuuuck!!💦💦

Jungkook: My tongue is enjoying its bath.

Lisa: Mmmm, that was good!

Jungkook: Mmmm, nice.

Lisa: Good morning.

Jungkook: Lol, good morning. How was that?

Lisa: So, so good! Thank you

Jungkook: 😁

Lisa: You really know how to take care of a lady.

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