Trying Something New

Trying Something New

Dec 09, 2021

Hi amazing supporters!! I hope that the holiday season has been kind to you. I wanted to stop by and share some news for the show. You have probably seen that I am trying to switch to a bi-weekly episode format. This is mostly because, frankly, I haven’t been extremely proud of the research I have been able to do and without breaking my back, I just need 2 weeks to write my scripts and do proper research. I was extremely proud of my Texas Chain Saw Massacre episode and that was because I got to do some heavier research for it and even found some cool essays to bring up in the talk! I believe it would be a disservice to you kind folks if I wasn’t able to provide the cool background analyses that I like to do. 

But because I want my show to be trying to gain new listeners each week, I still want to put something out into the ethers of the internet... so I am going to try out these minisodes of me reacting and discussing trailers to the movie that I will be discussing next! I think that this is a cool way to preview what is coming next on the show and to maybe pique your interests in a movie that you may not have seen without needing much context to enjoy the episode. In addition to this, I think it will be very interesting to see different trends in trailer from different decades. How did trailer tropes change over time? This will be fun! There are also some great fan-made modernized trailers of classics that I will bring up.

These episodes will involve the following: 

  • Reaction to the trailer - does it make you want to watch the movie? What vibe/genre is it giving you? What fears do you get from it? Cool props?

  • Kill Grading! Many horror films show deaths in their trailers!

  • What trailer trends does it fall into? - Does it give away too much? Too little? Just enough to entice? Tagline? Narrator? Naming the actors? The Hans Zimmer boooowm?

  • A reading from The Definitive Guide to Horror Movies 

With this said, next week I will have a trailer reaction to Black Christmas (1974) and then the following week will be a full dedicated episode on Black Christmas (1974). 

I hope this format seems interesting! If there is anything that you would like to have included in these minisodes, please share! 



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