Rapid Review: The Conjuring 3

Rapid Review: The Conjuring 3

Jun 04, 2021

It has only been a mere 2.5 hours since I finished the movie but I need to get my thoughts out.

Spoiler Free Review

I liked it! I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece like the first one, but I am not disappointed. If anything, I am relieved because they did something different! The film does suffer some from not having James Wan at the helm, but what it lacks in directorial flexing is made up for by an interesting plot. Without giving too much away, this is not a haunted house movie. This is actually the least scary film of the trilogy and the heaviest one in plot. There’s a lot of plot in this. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some scares in this, but none that will keep me up at night. All of this being said, I’d recommend it! You don’t need to have the knowledge of the first two movies if you are looking into dipping your toe into the less scary part of this franchise and still be a part of the culture zeitgeist. Be sure to tune in next week for my review on the podcast feed.

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