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Good people!

Good people!

Jul 29, 2022


1000 thanks for your support. Life is popping and much of it is creative work in the community. I took a job in January after I returned from our epic songwriting-drive down the mighty Mississippi. I am currently sitting in the studio (see picture. That’s Rob Genadek at the helm) as we finish those river songs… and holy cow… they are sounding good. Robert Robinson and I will be doing more river song shows starting this fall. If you have ideas for where we can bring our show… please contact me. We’d love to sing close to the river itself!

I continue to head-up Perfection-Free Community Singing most Saturday mornings in Minneapolis. That is a true joy. Please come sing. Stay connected by joining our FaceBook group: Perfection-Free Community Singing with Brother Timothy.

I will be releasing a few newly recorded songs of my own in the near future

This coming year I will be teaching 1/2 time. One month off/one month on… that will allow me to be flexible to bring more and more harmony and music into this ol’ world of ours.


Your brother,


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