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August Harvest, Prickly Pandemic Blossom ...

August Harvest, Prickly Pandemic Blossoms and Community Harmony

Aug 11, 2021

First off, I promise I will not abuse the frequency of my communications with you. I plan on sending an update every month or so.

Since my last recording called Our Lost And Wild Daughter seven years ago I have been singing a lot, writing a lot... and creating community singing circles. BUT I have not released any recordings. I'm so pleased to whisper to you "BuyMeACoffee-Team" folks that I have completed four new songs. I will begin releasing them as singles this fall. The first new song is called In Love With The One. I co-wrote it with Canadien songsmith and chantress Brenda McMorrow. Together we will release this duet, based on a Rumi poem, on (shhhh) September 24th under her White Swan label. It has a beautiful Sanskrit chant in it... so buckle up. Feels SO GOOD to be finishing recordings!

Here in Minnesota I will be singing a free outdoor concert on August 28th. Part of my concert will be group singing (like we do on Saturday mornings Perfection-Free style), part will be my family singing (Esther, Svea, Carrie and myself) and part will be Brother Timothy (me) singing with a great band featuring Carin Vagle and others. Bring your blanket! AND Oh yeah... (and maybe my favorite thing happening at that event is) my friend Monica of Sister Black Press is gonna ride her PrintingPress-Bicycle to the park... and YOU can pull the lever.. and print one of my favorite tiny poems. It is such a beautiful process and your kids (and you) will be mesmerized by 19th century precision machinery. Its an all day event with Yoga and Meditation and a few music groups... I go on at 7pm. click here to register for free and to find out more:

A PANDEMIC BLOSSOM: I've done more that 340 Green Porch Lives. Monday-Friday at 10am. A poem and a song. 15 minutes. Such a great international community has developed there. on my FaceBook page Timothy Frantzich

A PANDEMIC blossom: I've done more than 140 Sacred Sunrise Song episodes. A gentle low-fi way to welcome the new day. Monday-Friday at approx 6-7am. on my FaceBook page Timothy Frantzich

Three years ago we started... and we are BACK! Every Saturday we sing live at Kieran's Kitchen in NE Minneapolis from 9:45-10:45am. We proudly call it Perfection-Free Community Singing. It's outside these days. Please join us... It is one of the great medicines for this time.

YOUR sustaining support here at BuyMeACoffee absolutely allows me to do these things.

1000 thanks.

Honey in the heart.

Your brother,


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