The Unbound Project is Born

The Unbound Project is Born

May 29, 2024

It was a fresh, overcast day in April 2020, almost four years ago, when the 'Unbound Project' was born. I had recently returned from a fulfilling ride along the Carretera Austral, but the euphoria I felt while editing the videos and sorting the photos was muted by the gloomy reports of a pandemic that was rapidly spreading around the world, at times limiting the freedom to move and travel.

As is probably the case with most long-distance cyclists and travelers, I have always entertained the thought and wish of one day being able to set off on a bike, unbound by a fixed destination and the limits of time. One of the few positive outcomes of the pandemic, at least for me, was that, for the first time in my life, I was allowed a full month break from work. I thought I should make the most of it by testing myself on a longer journey than I had been able to undertake so far. Being Italian and having spent half of my life in the UK, I had always hoped to one day cycle from London back to my birthplace and experience the thrills and downsides of an extensive ride.

Despite the upheaval caused by a virus that disrupted everyone's plans, I managed to complete that journey. By the end of it, I felt that if I could one day afford the financial side and the inevitable change of lifestyle it entailed, it was something I should seriously consider. I knew that also meant having the courage to one day break free from the shackles of what is familiar and comfortable, embracing the excitement and the unsettling feelings of starting a completely new chapter of my life.

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