Hey, lovely people! Here's how I will us ...

Hey, lovely people! Here's how I will use BMAC.

Aug 12, 2021

You're likely here from my Twitter, so you know that I have membership levels through Patreon and accept tips/donations through this BMAC page. I'm considering moving my membership levels to here since they have created a tiered membership system.

Until then, I will be posting on BMAC some one-off articles and protocols that I create for my Patrons. I now have a solution for you if you don't want to support me monthly through membership but would like access to the protocols I post on Patreon. You can buy the individual protocols on here!

I have been keeping something under wraps. 🤫 I am creating a Discord community for y'all to interact with me on various topics related to health, nutrition, cooking and baking, menstrual health, gardening, fermented foods and drinks, femininity, better-for-you skincare, etc. The Discord will fall under membership tiers on BMAC. Stay tuned for more info! 😉

Anyway, we will play this platform by ear and see what all we can do with it.

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