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We Crushed Our Second Goal

We Crushed Our Second Goal

Jan 17, 2023

I woke up, grabbed my phone, and checked all my notifications. To my shock, I had a big, beautiful surprise waiting for me from Buy Me Coffee. WE CRUSHED ANOTHER GOAL. 

If you're already a supporting member, thank you so much. Your contribution directly supports the creation of antiracist content. Honestly, I can't do it without you. 

If you have three minutes, let's go down memory lane. Exactly one year ago, I posted my review of The Colors of Us on Instagram. The post garnered thousands of likes and opened the minds of educators who had been reading this book for years. But this one Instagram post needed to be more.

Several asked for additional resources or books to read instead, so I shared the information in my Weekend Newsletter. Shortly after, I received an email from a professor who wanted to use my content in their education classes but needed an accessible file for their student-teachers to access. Then a few educators wanted a link they could easily forward to their co-teachers and school librarians. The requests kept coming in, and I kept responding, "it's only available on Instagram right now." I quickly realized I needed to start a blog to publish content that would allow me the space to smoothly share resources, provide text-speech access, the ability to own my content and make it easier for people to share and cite my work.

And we did it! In 2022, I launched my blog and published 14 blog posts. This year, I'm on track to publish 24 blog posts focused on book reviews, recommended products, antiracist strategies to help children, and more. My blog is now officially in the black and operating debt-free because of you!

And I'm setting another goal to help me develop and publish more resources.

If you're not a supporting member but benefit from my work, I invite you to become a supporting member at $15/month.

rooting for you,


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