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Limited edition prints

Limited edition prints

Aug 18, 2023

Print 1

Title: You know me Size: 1m x 1 meter Special Edition Prints 1/7 -Price : $1100 

You know me You have not seen me but you know me, you have not heard my voice but l speak to you, you are without but l have given, you stumble but l carry you. You are fearful but I'm protecting you. l have known you before the beginning of time. Trust me!! 

Print 2

Title: Ntu’s walk Size: 1m x 1m

Special Edition Prints 1/7 -Price : $1100 

Ntu's walk We have walked from the north to the west, from the west to the south, from the south to the east. We are the forgotten Nomads, we ourselves have forgotten who we are. Am l not your sister, your mother who carried the water to quench your thirst as we walked the heat of the sun, carried your son on my shoulders, as we crossed the many deep rivers , am l not the one who gave birth to your daughter in the jungles, who has given birth to a nation, l am the Muntu who become the Bantu...

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