Ways To Listen

Ways To Listen

Jul 30, 2021

There are a lot of ways to listen to the station for your convenience...

  • The Landing Page at listen.brianjay.com

  • Download the Live365 App for your Android or IOS device from your app store. Search for "Brian Jay" and you'll find the station. Click on the HEART icon and you'll mark the station as a favorite. It'll appear right near the top when you open the app.

  • The Live365 Web Site: Search for "Brian Jay" and you'll find the station. Or, here's the direct link to the station profile: https://live365.com/station/Radio-Free-Brian-Jay-a46870

  • If you're listening on a non-standard device and just need a no-frills direct link to the stream, here it is:

  • Amazon ALEXA: Yes, it's possible, but it's kind of tricky. The voice recognition isn't very good. Here's what works: Say "Alexa, enable the Live 365 skill". You'll be prompted to say the name of a station or genre. Say "Play Radio Free Brian J-A-Y" (spell out JAY. If you don't spell it out you'll likely hear another station or be taken into the genre loop). If the station stops playing, say "Alexa, resume". If you need to pause playback, say "Alexa, pause". Once you've successfully accessed the station, the skill tries to remember the last station played and offer to continue the next time you activate the Live 365 skill. Once the skill is active, you can also try saying "Alexa Play Radio Free Brian J-A-Y FROM Live365. (Don't make the mistake of saying "ON Live365" because it probably won't work. The key word is FROM, not ON.

It takes a little more effort than just switching on a radio, but I think you'll find that it's well worth it.

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