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Why did I make this?

Why did I make this?

Jul 05, 2021

At the start of the Pansexualdemic I was fired from my job due to a lack of customers and money, luckily I had enough hours to get unemployment insurance so I decided to use this as a golden opertunity to finally write a full on novel. My goal is to write a 70,000 word romantic comedy novel and that goal is well on its way. As of right now I'm at 25,000 words and still trucking. But now for the reason I set this up. I'm running out of unemployment at the end of August so I either need to get a real job or find a way to make money from TikTok. So I made this where I can keep you guys posted about the book and you guys can donate to me to to keep bread in my stomach and ink in my pen 😁

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