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New Project: The Jazz Baby

New Project: The Jazz Baby

Dec 10, 2021

A few months ago I decided to put my old project "Blind and in Agony" to the side so I could focus on a project that I had more inspiration for and would take less time to complete. The project I jumped to work on is called "The Jazz Baby"

"The Jazz Baby" Is a horror comedy novel with Buddy Comedy and SciFi elements. It's set in modern times in a small town in NewJersey. This Novel is something I am very excited about and since beginning I've written 15,000 words, with the intention of the complete work being around 25,000.

Let me give you a bit of a plot synopsis. The book starts out with a traveling Improv troop of four young men, who have been hired to do a show for a small town and when I say small I mean SMALL, As in population of 1200 people. Then the Main Character (Meth Head Mike) get's in an argument with his best friend (Youth Paster Thim) and sufficed to say a BRUTAL murder happens and now our four man improv troop have to team up with the Sheriff of this small town to solve the mystery of who (or what) killed there friend. Sheriff Julia is a total badass as well. A gun slinging, rough and tumble Lesbian with a mouth full of curse words and a pension for revenge. She's also been married for 6 years to Rosé, the love of her life!
I've been blowing through this novel rather quickly so I expect to be done this draft soon and I will keep you updated during the process of writing, editing, book covers all sorts of stuff and I've been making some of my own art for it too!

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