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My Favourite Scene From "The Jazz Baby" ...

My Favourite Scene From "The Jazz Baby" So far

Dec 10, 2021

I decided I didn't wanna spoil any of the killings so this is one that takes place after one of the killings

As Sheriff Julia rounded the corner she was shocked to see a pool of blood coming from the first cell in her precinct. She jogged over and looked in to see Hal and Mike snuggled up and shivering with fear. Then she looked at the floor and saw the brutalized corpse of a young 18 year old girl. Naked as the day she was born with one tit ripped off and a four inch wide hole in the back of her skull. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU ANIMALS DO TO HER?!”

“We didn’t do this, I swear!” Mike Jolted.

“Hal, I am seriously disappointed in you.” Julia wretched “Oh God, Hal even if this wasn’t you, I can’t believe you allowed this to happen. I mean look at this scrawny little pip squeak. Fuck.” Julia turned the key and opened the cell, bending on one knee to check the pulse. “Dead as a fuckin’ doornail.” She turned around to see Mike and Hal trying to sneak out and she immediately pulled her gun. “Not an other fucking step you animals!” She rose to her feat “I’m going to the video camera room to see what in the FUCK transpired here and I will be back to give SWIFT JUSTICE to which ever one of you fuck bags, did this to this poor girl.

“Oh, that’s great! Once you see that, you’ll know and you can let us go! You’ll see the thing that did this.” Mike celebrated, but Julia glared at him, dead in the eye and pushed him aside, locking them back in the cage with the corpse. 

20 minutes passed, but each one felt like an hour, time moved like a person swimming in molasses. But eventually Sheriff Julia returned. “What the fuck was that thing.” She asked.

“We don’t know.” Hal came back.

“How did you do it?!” She shouted.

“Do what?”

“The special effects. I mean fuck! This is gruesome! I mean, like, Jesus Christ. I saw the tape. Your weird friend came in and grew fuckin’ tentacles from his face and beat her to death off of the wall. Obviously it’s fake.”

“It’s not! Look at the corpse!” Mike shouted. All the wounds are identical to the damage done on the tape! This monster was really here and it really did this.”

Julia put her hand to her face and rubbed her finger and thumb along the bridge of her nose. “Look, I saw the guy. He looked like your friend, why?”

“I have no idea.”

“Why was he here? Why was he following you?”

“I don’t know...

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