🎂 Happy Birthday The Brazilian Report!

🎂 Happy Birthday The Brazilian Report!

Oct 19, 2022

Dear reader, 

The day has arrived. The Brazilian Report is turning five and we couldn’t be prouder to be where we are today. In just half a decade we have grown as a team and developed several successful projects. It’s crazy to think how time has passed so quickly, and yet so many things have happened. And that’s why we’d like to give some new perspectives on our process.

We have many different types of content for you to find out more about The Brazilian Report: from text and video to audio, we hope that you enjoy this special content as much as we enjoyed making it. Just don’t forget to share your thoughts with us and, if you liked this content, consider donating us a coffee!

By the way, have you checked out our shout-out to our supporters on our socials? We hope you liked our homage to you! 💛

Your questions, answered

Yesterday, we sent you a sneak peek of a project we have developed together, and today we are delighted to present you with the final result.

We received many amazing questions, and we tried to answer most of them here. If your question was not answered, you can be sure that we’ve probably done so through our content or in our Insider newsletter, which you can check out here! And, of course, you can always e-mail us any concerns or questions you might have, we’ll try our best to give you a fitting answer.

This amazing project would not have been possible without your help. We were very surprised to receive so many insightful and challenging questions, and we are happy to be a helpful source of information about a country as complex as Brazil.

As we are turning five, we’d like to thank the extra support of our members:   

🎉 Michael Fryar

💛 Jim Awofadeju

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🙌 Yarden Iftach

🌻 Tonika Thompson

💝 Andherson da Silva

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🎈 Fra

🎂 Peter Sufrin

🍾 Ana Lund

🥳 One anonymous supporter

Without each one of them we’d not be able to start some of the new and more challenging projects we’re working on right now, like our election livestreams.  And for that we always want to highlight how thankful we are for your support! 

More words from our founders

 It is no understatement to say that the last years have been tough in Brazil: from an economic crisis and the fragilization of democratic institutions to a deadly pandemic, there’s been plenty to report on. In case you missed it, our founders shared on our website their thoughts on how the process of reporting in Brazil has gone over the last five years. Here’s a snippet:

Over these five years, we witnessed the rise of the far-right to power in Brazil, environmental emergencies in multiple biomes, a deadly pandemic, and multiple crises — social, political, and economical. We saw a country proudly known as a vaccination champion boycott Covid immunizers and allow almost 700,000 people to be killed by the coronavirus. 

Now, we are traversing a pivotal moment in our political history — after the most polarized presidential race in democratic times, the country is on edge due to the possibility of a convulsed transition period until a new government takes over in 2023. 

Read the full story here. You can also get some more perspectives from our founders in our special podcast episode here: 

A kind reminder

As we are growing, so do our projects! That’s why we’d like to give you a kind reminder that on October 30, the second round of Brazil’s presidential elections, we’ll be live from our studio in São Paulo, covering the vote count from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. Brazilian time. We’d be truly honored to have our supporters tune in and contribute to making this as big an event as can be!

So don’t miss out and add the event to your calendar here!

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