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Visuals and writings

Visuals and writings

May 19, 2023

I take a ton of screenshots when playing Skyrim. I play the game, sometimes for fun, but mostly for my YouTube channel. Or testing mods. I don't consider myself a screen archer, but I can't help but take screenshots while in game. I also setup shots for my blog. Sometimes, I try and recreate what I'm writing, or simply grab a shot that has the mood of the written piece. I don't "play" Tara's story. I know some fan fiction writers play the game, and what they write is what they've played. I don't work that way. I write Tar's story, then see if I can setup a screenshot or two that captures the chapter I just wrote. Sometimes, I take a really good screen shot and hope to write a chapter I can use it in.

I like this one of Tara. The lighting gave a perfect moment. Maybe it'll show up in a post. If you share a Discord with me, I may have posted it there.

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