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Hello, World

Hello, World

Aug 08, 2022

Title brought to you by my first memory of using a computer (in the '80's) and learning some DOS to post that to my screen.

A quick hello. If you've found me, you've probably read my blog aka fan fiction, Tara of High Rock. Or, perhaps my YouTube Gaming channel? If you stumbled here by accident, hi.

I'm a creative...a digital fine artist, writer, and...what's that new fangled term for those that stream and/or make video content...content creator.

My passion for video games, especially RPG ones, has brought me to writing a fan fiction of my character, Tara. Eventually, she'll be in her own universe, that I'm still working the details out on. Think medieval-fantasy-magic world. For now, she's in the Elder Scrolls universe. I role play as her on YouTube. Check that out if you're into such things.

Thanks for stopping by.

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