BrainFire Entertainment Launches a Buy M ...

BrainFire Entertainment Launches a Buy Me a Coffee Page

Jul 12, 2021

We created a brand new membership page at Buy Me a Coffee! Yay!

BrainFire Entertainment created a YouTube channel in July of 2019, but we released our first video in May 2020. During the worst of Covid-19 we shot a Zoom based narrative series called The Conspiracy Theorists -- a comic murder mystery within a group of online conspiracy "nuts" (enthusiasts?) -- which was intended to both entertain and provide perhaps some "therapeutic creativity" and bonding time for the 21 performers involved who were hard hit in our community during Covid.

The 13 episode limited series also spawned 6 new songs by the multi-talented Amity Rose. (Check out "Spread the Love" -- a brand new number sung by the character, CLORG --

The alien character of CLORG was first introduced in The Conspiracy Theorists, and a spin-off series for him, Vacation Earth, now comes out every Tuesday. (As of this writing there are 34 episodes.)

Vacation Earth follows the exploits of the benevolent CLORG, an inhabitant of Planet Gugu-Gee, a civilization of parasitic worms, as he endeavors to bring travel and lifestyle tips to an audience on his home planet who may be thinking about a vacation on Earth. (What he doesn't realize is that a group of UFO loving hackers have intercepted his digital transmissions and posted them on YouTube.)

Here's the one-minute trailer --

Thank you so much for your support of the FREE YouTube content we make. We currently create this ongoing story as a labor of love. Our hope would be to one day be paid a living wage for the work, but at present any trickle of income we make we spend on making more content and increasing production value. (In fact, we spend more than the trickle that comes in.)

Your support is MOST appreciated.

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