Brag Differently

Brag Differently

Nov 07, 2021

Welcome to Brag Differently, where we teach women & (a few men) how to earn, save, live, and thrive in a global world. Listen up, we #bragdifferently because we do things in an action-packed manner to accomplish your goals no matter how big or small. Everything you want to accomplish in life can be achieved by taking simple action. We do what we do, fearlessly! We don't do it scared.

The Brag Differently initiative is based on 5 Core Lifestyle & Cultural aspects of Earn, Save, Invest, Live & Thrive. We develop positive relationships with each area. We provide you with the necessary tools to achieve success in all areas.

As a member of the Tribe aka Kabila, the goal in  Brag Differently is to assist you in the core areas.

  • Earn (Business Creation, set-up and support, create a blogsite, Esty store, find a new job, and get a promotion)

  • Save (learn valuable lessons on controlling your finances, budgeting, and saving)

  • Investing (Investing 101 is provided- You will learn the ins & outs of investing in no time; create and fund your brokerage account)

  • Live (Learn how to live your very best life and go from Blah to Awww Sweet!

  • Thrive ( Go from survival mode to Thrive mode on a global scale, with tips, suggestions, and mindset change)

It does not matter where you are in the process, we will meet you there. Sometimes you just need a little push, or know-how to get started. Once you get started the momentum will continue to build and you will continue to move forward.

As a tribe member, we will teach you how to set up your own e-commerce business, ie., Etsy, Shopify, Blogsite, and more. Members get access to the ins & outs of how they can easily create an online business & thrive in it. In addition to continued support to help you learn how to maximize your business.

As a tribe member, you will learn how to save. Starting with making SMART choices. Starting with making adjustments to the way you shop and the way you spend. We identify the issues that are keeping you from saving.

As a tribe member, you will learn the basics of investing along with access to resources that will empower you to learn investing like a pro. Before long, you will be comfortable hanging out in the investing world.

As a Tribe Member, you will become successful in Living & Thriving vs. just surviving on a day-to-day basis. It is time for a mindset shift and we are all in to give you the tools to accomplish your goals & desires.

Are you ready to live fearlessly? Let's get started!

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