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Our Mother Earth is moaning

Our Mother Earth is moaning

Aug 02, 2022

Horizon a meteor across, breaking the sky quiet. I heard my grandmother said, as long as the meteor before the disappearance of the desire, the desire will be achieved. So, I promised a wish, you think I promise what is it?

  Standing next to the river, see the vicious is struggling to hear the moaning, smell the smell. I think: the current water pollution is too serious, how can we improve it? In fact, the problem in the final analysis or rely on people's consciousness, as long as people consciously, do not throw litter, factory discharge of sewage in a timely manner, then we The river pollution will improve how much ah, our home will hold up a small piece of blue sky.

  Looking at the dead grass, I gently stepped on the top, looking up at the blue sky, want to see the sky look like, can be vague to see, the original is black smoke strange. Recently, due to the development of social productive forces, the factory has been set up to release harmful substances - black smoke. Black smoke not only pollutes the environment, but also endangers people's physical and me

ntal health. If the factory black smoke can be purified after the discharge, that the quality of the air will be much improvement ah, the physical and mental health hazards will be reduced how much ah!

  The original forest tree when the boss, first in the woods to dominate the sand. Yes, the present forest is no longer green, but yellow. Recently, people in order to meet the economic needs, and constantly cut down trees, so that the sand out of trouble. Huang Sha not only pollute the environment, but also affect people's lives, even more damaging is to bring people to bring economic losses and

affect people's physical and mental health. There are so many crimesin the sand, why do people want to release it out? People are not very stupid? If people can be a variety of trees, less cutting trees, it can not ban the crime of sand? The environment, life will have a great improvement.

  Pollution of the devil and ...

  I wish the wish is that all people can protect the environment, let us breathe green, enjoy the health of it! My wish is not a dream!

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