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Join the Cult | Minecraft Big Hole [#1]

Join the Cult | Minecraft Big Hole [#1]

May 08, 2024

To celebrate the imminent launch of the Bigger Holes: Kingdoms Reunite Modpack/SMP we're releasing the archived streams and episodes of the original Big Hole series for our supporters!

Here's the very first livestream on what was at the time a singleplayer world that Wongy had made. You can see in this VOD the server being made for the very first time! (and the technical difficulties that followed)

More episodes to be uploaded soon!...

DO NOT SHARE. This is a BMC Exclusive Video. Any attempts to reupload or redistribute to alternative platforms will result in legal action and a potential DMCA strike.

Any content created using this use of these files must be confirmed with our team via [email protected]

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