New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Feb 02, 2023

Some of you may know that I ran Built With Bootstrap many years ago, which wasn't much but became a really nice way for folks to share the sites they built using the Bootstrap CSS framework. (Please note, I was never affiliated with the Bootstrap CSS team - I did use the framework a lot tho at the time)

I've always wanted to focus on bootstrapping startups, but never quite managed to get the time.

You need to move fast, but with focus.

Bootstrap Forever is a community to help bootstrapped startups build and grow together!

Bootstrapping is hard, especially if you're flying solo!

Seeking funding or a quick exit isn't everyone's goal.

Building a successful business - one that truly benefits the people and society around it - is a marathon, not a sprint.

And the winners shouldn't just be the founder(s) or investors; it should be a tide that raises all ships!

I want a community that values the long-term approach and actively works to support each other.

A place I can come and share my challenges and questions and get support, help, guidance and more from folks who really understand my situation... because they're doing the same.

That's why I've set up a free-to-join Discord – there are just a few of us right now, but please come say hi 👋🏼 – let's hang out and share.

If you're looking for more, a paid subscription will get you access to various discounts and giveaways.

Come join us 😊

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