Why Bootstrapping?

Why Bootstrapping?

Aug 31, 2020

By Isaiah O’Connor

According to businessdictionary.com, there are three definitions of the word bootstrapping. The first definition is the one I think fits my philosophical approach to my business, my blog, and my podcast. 

1. Building a business out of very little or virtually nothing. Bootstrappers rely usually on personal income and savings, sweat equity, lowest possible operating costs, fast inventory turnaround, and a cash-only approach to selling.

Read more: businessdictionary.com/definition/bootstrapping.html

When I started my business I started with a website, a simple pump a bag of balloons, and a cheap apron my mother in law sewed pockets into. I also got a few free business cards and I was on my way.

This was the seed of my business. Sure I had a lot to learn, and I  did not make very much money that the first year, but I got started. I slowly build up my supplies needed, more types of balloons, better pumps, and at one point, in sheer desperation, I took out a small loan for one expensive piece of equipment I needed. Other than that, my entire business, all my equipment, the computer I am typing on, everything has been slowly purchased only from the money I have earned over time. 

I have traded my time and balloons, for things I have needed or for discounts, I have used every free form of advertising I could figure out, and have spent hours on foot and on the phone, cold calling businesses to offer my services.

In order to learn about business, I started listening to books on Audible, podcasts and watching Youtube channels. Anything I could to help me become more successful. 

Through all of this, I have gained valuable experience and insight that I now share with you, so that you may avoid some of the struggles and pitfalls I found myself working through.

I have had to learn on my own, accounting, basic video, and image editing, how to write contracts, how to hire, how to market, and all the other details that come with running a business all without spending a ton of money, or by my bootstraps.

This is where I came up with my podcast name “O’Connor Bootstrap Podcast” and my coaching offer, the Bootstrap startup service. My goal in both of these and here on my blog is to help you grow your business by the bootstraps. This applies to those who want to start up a business and to those who have a struggling business. I am here to help. 

Until next time, I remain,
Your Friendly Neighborhood Entrepreneur
Isaiah O’Connor CBDO Atheoz.com

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