About my 'Buy me a coffee' page...

About my 'Buy me a coffee' page...

Jan 17, 2020

What is 'Buy me a coffee'? (I hear you ask...)

Excellent question, dear reader.

For me it is an opportunity to blog about my experience starting a business as a single mum alongside a full-time job. If anyone likes reading what I have to say and likes the art I produce enough to want to support me by making a donation, then that is a lovely bonus :)

I guess the blog is mainly for me to record my achievements and highs (and inevitable lows), so I have something to look back on, but I'd also love to share my journey with anyone who is generous and kind enough to support me along the way.

I'm not going to be too pushy about the crowd-funding aspect.... but I will explain below how it works. Also, I'm not gonna lie, setting up a business, even one with relatively small start-up costs, can be quite a drain on the old finances - and as with most new businesses, it'll be quite a while before I break even and make a true profit.

So any little that you are kind enough to donate will be very much appreciated and will encourage and motivate me - and will not be spent on coffee, but will get me one step closer, a cup of coffee at a time, to being able to build my dream (although quite modest!) studio in my garden.

What's in it for me - and how can I donate?

Be a supporter:

As a supporter, you can make a one-off donation of the cost of a 'coffee' and you'll get the lovely feeling that you've done a nice thing for someone :)

Become a member:

By becoming a member, you'll get access to member only posts, special offers, giveaways and other exclusive member only content. Membership is £3 a month or £30 a year.

So. Have a look at my website, or check me out on Instagram or Facebook and if you like the look of the work I do, and if you feel so inclined, I'd love it if you could consider making a donation.

Other ways you can help me!

Share my social media pages. If my work isn't your cup of tea but you think a friend or relative would like it, let them know about me. And best of all, become one of my customers!

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you and building a successful business!

Rachel :-)

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