Keep your Cool this Full Moon Lunar Ecli ...

Keep your Cool this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Nov 06, 2022

But don't overdo it!

Watch your breathing pattern more than usual during the next few days and evenings before going to bed, or start watching it now if you have never paid much attention to your breath before.

If you draw in too much moon or lunar energy, it may turn out that you have to find the appropriate release to stay in balance. Maybe you have your ways to do this in a hopefully healthy and positive way! If not, keep on watching the breath and try to draw in more solar energy while releasing the excess moon. We think of it as cool, but on full moon tempers may have to be watched and kept in check. Balance is the word. Draw in the light, let go of the dark.

On an eclipse, like the coming lunar eclipse on the 8th of November keeping your cool and your balance may be more challenging. One could revert to essential oils for additional warmth if needed. Rose oil is fantastic for lovingly opening the heart. Or you can go for a complete time out with favorite, positive music, and more withdrawn even from the external world, spend time watching the rhythm of your breath and breathing. The ebb and the flow, the giving and receiving, until you found your equilibrium, gently and softly.

Stay in the light!



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