Full moon reflection for May

Full moon reflection for May

May 26, 2021

Today the Sagittarius full moon peaks around 12:14 (GMT)

This moon is already proving to be quite something.

Maybe you are feeling it already?

The wildlife around here were certainly very adventurous in the early hours this morning. We had owls screeching, foxes playing games in the garden and magpies and crows going to war with each other.

It was loud and it got messy!

There are feathers everywhere and my neighbours shoes are lying across the garden.. why do foxes love shoes so much?

Anyway, so that’s just the animals.... how will the humans be faring today?

To be honest, probably not much better. Expect heightened emotions, revelations, wars of words..maybe some home truths.

You may even see that what you held to be true, is not quite true after all.

It may be time to let go of some old beliefs even if it’s incredibly uncomfortable or painful to do so- sorry!

Whatever happens today however, please remember this: your are enough, more than enough.

Your worth is beyond measure, beyond question and beyond doubt.

If there is any belief within you that says you are unworthy. Please release it now to the light of this full moon.

Bring your awareness to your heart centre and hold yourself in great compassion.

Here is an affirmation that I invite you to use today

Take some time around noon if you can to rest in the fullness of the moon energy.

Feel the divine light of your heart shining brightly like an inner moon.

May you see the truth and beauty of all that you are.

Holding you in love

Bodhini x

New and full moon days are perfect for yoga nidra. There is a full moon yoga nidra in the members exclusive meditation posts.

For supporters/ followers, there is a taster yoga nidra for you to enjoy there too.

NEW meditation recordings coming soon! I’ve got some new tech to get my head around so I’ve got a bit behind on this but made some progress yesterday. A NEW Heart practice recording will hopefully be ready soon.

Thank you for being here xx

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