Launching the new blog theme!

Launching the new blog theme!

Nov 30, 2023

Hi, my kittens!

Today I'm launching the new blog theme. It's still in a pretty primitive version, but this is as good of a time as ever to launch it.

It should be compatible with mobile devices, but as always, CSS is kinda tricky so eventually I'll get around making a more mobile-exclusive interface (with CSS media queries and weird constructs like those).

Rust news

We also have some Rust news, on the topic of performance (Discovered on 26/11/2023).

If we mix the following:

And we build both that Rust patch with the provided config.toml, we'll get some good results. This confirms a few things: The patch is compatible with parallel compiling and the patch has better results than current master

And those are today's updates. I'll deploy the new theme once I'm sure everything is correct. If you're thinking about how the current blog posts will look once I update the theme, they will not look good. I haven't really focused on retro-compatibility because I don't think of it important enough for a blog. They just have slightly fucked-up interfaces (Images on the wrong scale, maybe some interactive elements working slightly incorrectly).

Once I deployed the new site, automatically it will also be a new post, make sure to read it! (Also talks about this update)

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