Play Strawberry's Flowers now on ...

Play Strawberry's Flowers now on!

Jun 26, 2023

[Image Description: A pixel art graphic of a green grass and flowers background. The title at the top reads "strawberry's flowers" with the words "on!" underneath. The title is in red text with a white outline, dark red dots inside and green stems at the top of each letter to mimic a strawberry. On the left of the title is an animation of a small cow wearing a blue dress. The cow has dark eyes, tiny horns, brown fur with pinkish-white spots, and a spot on her forehead in the shape of a heart. On the right of the title is a group of flowers. At the bottom of the image is a red play button. End ID]

My tiny adventurous cowling is ready to play in Strawberry's Flowers for free on itch io!! Itch io gameplay link:

My goal for this game was to simply learn top-down pixel art and mechanics, work more with the Yarn Spinner dialogue system, and just get to the finish line with this game.

I started making pretty big plans for this game. Like, the baby was gonna get a full af sword…but that was too big of a scope!. Even with as small as my game is, I'm happy with myself.

My brain works in mysterious (cough…adhd and probably autistic…cough) ways, and even though this game acts as small prototype and foundation for larger projects, it was still a struggle from start to end. But, I'm glad I got through it. Thank you for all who encouraged me, my Buy Me A Coffee Members for supporting me, and my friends and family who listened to me ramble about game idea #12796…now get ready for game idea #12797!

-- ✿ Bloomz

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