20 ( or more) WAYS TO REMIX A CLOSED DOW ...


Nov 28, 2021

Well, I'm back at it again with some more ideas - options - solutions. Today, I'm going to give you my 20 ways to remix a closed down mall.

20 Ways To Remix A Closed Down Mall

• Use the empty stores as extra class rooms for public schools

• Cryptocurrency hubs

• Coding center for kids / adults

• Create job training seminars

• Use the empty stores as office space for new businesses

• Demolish the whole entire property and create more greenery (more oxygen)

• Every closed down mall can be turned into speed train stations throughout the U.S.

• Each empty store inside the mall can teach a different trade

• Each closed down mall can have self driving cars and buses

• Turn the vacant stores into fully equipped media rooms which could be rented out to those who want to record their live stream shows

• Teach classes that are not taught in the traditional public school system like: (entrepreneur skills, social media management, etc)

• Create solar power plants

• Living / training facility for the homeless

• Sell each empty store inside the mall as a small warehouse for those who sell products online

• Each empty store can be rented out for those who want to have special events (seminars, parties, after-parties, etc)

• A place to bring paper that needs to be shredded

• A place to bring used books to sell

• Large in door flea market

• A central location where tutors can tutor and make some money

• Create an indoor community garden that grows food (helps to solve any food shortage issues)

• Any of the empty stores can be turned into a place where school drop-outs can obtain a diploma or degree

• An empty mall can be sold to someone wanting to start a totally independent private school

Well, looks like this time I came up with more than 20 ideas! Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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