Nov 28, 2021

Okay, here we go! I've been watching a lot of people via social media wonder when they will gain traction with more listeners and how they can make money from their podcast. Well, here are some ways one may make some money from their podcast show.

20 Ways To Monetize A Podcast

• Make some episodes as clips and offer the full episode via a membership platform (this goes for video and/or audio)

• Put Affiliate links to products that are related to the content of your podcast episode

• Add your paypal link

• Add your cashapp link

• Use buymeacoffee.com

• Use patreon.com

• Promote an authors book for a fee

• Promote your own products

• Promote your own services

• On your show, offer to give some type of consultation

• Offer 1-on-1 coaching

• Promote someone else's business

• Use podia.com

• Promote other podcast shows on your show for a fee

• Use a website called: shorte.st

• Use a website called: ko-fi.com

• Do referrals

• Use a website called: podcorn.com

• Sell your guests products as an affiliate

• Sell your guests services as an affiliate

• Re-purpose your old content in the form of paid newsletters, courses, and/or e-books

Sometimes I may go over 20. Hopefully, this will help someone out. If you know someone who may need this information, share it on your website and your social media.

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