Nov 27, 2021

Recently, ole Youtube gave me a strike and banned me for two weeks for talking about and reporting on the "vaxxeen". I appealed it and I had a partial win the next day. Youtube stated they will remove my video but they removed the strike and the ban since "they found it wasn't as bad as they thought" so I'm good to go on uploading and live streaming on that channel.

Well, when I found out I had a strike (this made it strike number# 2, I guess they really don't want you to speak on this whole pandemic unless it fits "their" narrative if you know what I mean), I was pissed (because it was dirty how they gave me a strike, but that's a story to tell on another day and another platform) so it made me think of other alternatives just in case my channel ever gets permanently removed or YOUR channel gets removed. So here it is!

20 Alternatives To Youtube

• Facebook.com

• Instagram.com

• (Internet Archive) Archive.org

• Twitter.com

• Brighteon.com

• Bitchute.com

• Group Me App

• Facebook messenger

• Mighty Networks

• Happs.tv

• Dailymotion.com

• Vimeo.com

• D Tube

• Twitch.tv

• Linkedin.com

• Podia.com

• Video.ibm.com

• D Live

• Buymeacoffee.com

• Tiktok.com

• Pixelfed.org

• Coub.com

Let me know if you plan to add any of these to your arsenal by commenting below (don't be shy about commenting, just do it!)

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